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Hi! I'm Victoria, and yes that is a picture of me on my wedding day because that's where my story started. Planning events, parties and just about anything else has always been a deep passion of mine. I have always loved celebrating all of the small special moments life gives us but it wasn't until I started to plan my big day that I realized how happy planning an event made me and how much I wanted to do this all the time. I wanted to give other people the opportunity to enjoy all of the amazing moments in our lives without dealing with the stress that many parties come with. 

So I took a leap of faith, left my job in Manhattan where I did print production, and completely changed career paths into event planning. I worked for a wonderful non-profit for several years and had the opportunity to hone my craft while planning designer luncheons,

exhibition opening parties, book talks, award dinners, and full event suites that included house tours, boutiques and opening night galas. Here I also had the unprecedented and rare opportunity to work with and watch some brilliant interior designers and world renowned event planners such as David Monn, Bronson Van Wyck, Alessandra Branca, Richard Keith Langham, Steven Gambrel and more. Watching these amazing minds allowed me to see what design elements really works and what doesn’t. It allowed me to not only see and focus on the small details but imagine the event as a whole and see how everything comes together. 

Now with all of this experience and knowledge I decided to head out on my own and start this journey of creating elegant, timeless and well organized events for my clients. I love being able to make all of your ideas and visions come to life while you celebrate all of life's special moments.

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